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Auti-theft cylinder

Auti-theft cylinder main technical indicators
Serial number of inspection items to technical standards
Class A (GB) Class B (GB) Ultra-Class B (enterprise standard)
A security door to resist the normal opening time of 15min 30min 30min
2 anti-drill destruction 15min 30min 30min
3 tamper failure time 15min 30min 30min
4 anti-tensile failure 15min 30min 30min
5 anti-shock destruction 15min 30min 30min
6 anti-technology open time of 1min 5min 260min
7 mutual opening rate ≤ 0.03% ≤ 0.01% ≤ 0.0004%
Auti-theft cylinder is widely used in various types of locks, fire lock lock products, good quality, safe, is a country to enforce the special door locks lock cylinder.