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Choose padlocks with different: Select all General1-4: Provide basic security and prevent from usual stolen High 5-8:security level according to value:Provide high security and prevent from severe stolen Professional 9-10: Provide perfect security and prevent from pro
Choose padlock according to: Select all Indoor Lock: Available for usual dry environment Outdoor Lock: Available for environment:outdoor environment Ocean Series Lock: Available for terrible environment such as us
pad lock:pad lock, locks world of the oldest and largest family, can be said that the other locks are in this category from the padlock reproduction derived.
stainless steel padlock:stainless steel padlock is relatively strong antioxidant capacity, suitable for outdoor and difficult process, the cost is relatively high, home burglar performance.
brass padlock:brass padlock financial material is copper, the more common small brass padlock, that is less than 40mm size, mainly copper is relatively high.